Webcasting: Are You Planning a Conference or Seminar in 2023?

Since the early 2000s, I have met hundreds of clients who had to organize in-person events such as conferences, symposiums, seminars, lunch talks, etc.etc.

Here are five compelling reasons to offer (also) your event through webcasting in 2023

During my pre-pandemic meetings (Covid19), the terms "#in-person," "#virtual," and "#hybrid" were not part of the popular vocabulary.

However, the reasons for offering live #webcasting for these types of events are still relevant.

To fuel your brainstorming sessions in preparation for your event, here are 5 reasons to offer your event through webcasting to your participants in 2023.


What is webcasting?

Webcasting, also known as webcast or live streaming on the Internet, is a method of transmitting audio or video content in real time over the Internet.

It allows users to stream and share live events, such as conferences, seminars, presentations, concerts, webinars, and other types of content, with an online audience located anywhere in the world.

Webcasting allows people who cannot be physically present at an event to attend virtually, offering them an interactive and real-time experience.

It provides the opportunity to communicate, interact, and share information with a large audience, regardless of their geographical location.


1) Allows people who cannot attend the event in person to participate remotely

I am referring, among others, to:
  • People who reside in a different city than where you are organizing your event.
  • People with mobility issues.
  • People who cannot take time off or adjust their schedule to include travel time, accommodation, transportation costs, etc.


2) Enables a larger audience to participate in your event

By offering live streaming, you will increase the reach and impact of your event.

Consequently, you will also expand your overall audience. As people can participate remotely, the event can reach a global audience.

For paid events (where participants have to purchase access), we suggest our clients offer a hybrid package with at least two options:

Package A: In-person

Package B: Virtual

It is IMPORTANT to indicate that participants who purchase an "In-person Package" also automatically get virtual access via email for online connection.


This will serve two purposes:
  • Assured access: If a participant cannot attend in person on the day of the event (due to illness, unforeseen circumstances, etc.), they know they can still attend and participate virtually via the internet on our platform.
  • Increased sales and confirmations several days before the event: Participants will be less likely to wait until the last minute to purchase their online webcasting pass. They understand that they can convert their in-person participation to virtual mode if any unforeseen circumstances arise. As an organizer, you can also capitalize on this and complement your offering with early bird discounts.

By knowing the details and potential number of your in-person audience several days or weeks earlier than usual, you will be better prepared for your event. Important parameters such as room block reservations, meals, floor plans, etc., will be finalized weeks before your event.


Contrary to urban legend...

"[...] but if I offer my event through webcasting, I won't have anyone attending in person..."


Nowadays, making things "easy" and offering choices to your audience is a competitive advantage. It is not about forcing participants to attend in person but rather offering them the choice.

Your participants understand that the "online" video experience and the "in-person" experience are not the same. Therefore, there is a high chance that participants who opt for virtual access would not have attended in person.

This can be seen as an increase in sales or a reduction in lost sales, depending on whether you prefer to see the glass half full or half empty.


3) Live webcasting can be an additional source of revenue

Participants who cannot attend the event in person may be willing to pay for access to the webcast.

Due to the reason mentioned in point 2, the increased reach and impact attract additional sponsors for your webcast event. Sponsors are increasingly interested in having access to real-time information about the audience who participated in the event.

Profiling your virtual audience (geolocation, interest in specific content types, etc.) is a highly interesting and powerful tool.


4) Webcasting allows participants to review conference content

Both physical and virtual participants will have the opportunity to review conference archives if they were unable to attend or if they wish to review specific segments of the conference or content.


5) Enhance the overall event experience for both in-person and remote participants

For in-person participants:
  • Access to additional resources such as digital presentations (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) or supplementary documents through QR codes or other means.
  • Interpretation services (simultaneous translation).
  • Integrated interactive tools (e.g., real-time polls).

Increasing the overall audience will lead to more interactions, and higher engagement, and generate more interesting statistics and results for speakers and participants.

For remote participants:
  • Offering webcasting demonstrates that your company or organization cares about its audience (members, clients, partners, prospects, etc.), regardless of their location.
  • It also shows a commitment to inclusion (offering transcription for the hearing impaired, providing simultaneous interpretation in another language, etc.).
  • Possibility to interact with other participants and speakers.
  • Help remote participants feel more "connected" to your event and organization. When properly deployed, this technology allows them to experience the event as if they were there.


In conclusion,

Webcasting events in 2023 offer undeniable advantages. Organizing conferences and seminars using this powerful technology allows you to engage a larger number of participants, extend the reach of your event, and increase its success.

By offering the opportunity for people who cannot be physically present to participate remotely, you expand your target audience and create new revenue opportunities.

Furthermore, webcasting allows participants to review conference content and enhance their overall experience, whether in person or remotely. So, seize the opportunity to make your event an unforgettable success by using webcasting in 2023.

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