5 good reasons for organizing a webinar!

The Internet and the fast changing technologies often challenge companies to become as effective as they can. The webinar is a digital marketing tool made to optimize your company’s internal and external communication strategies. In the past few years, access to digital content has greatly improved and is no longer a trend, it is the reality! Companies, whether big or small, are now able to adapt in order to fulfill the constantly changing needs of their customers and employees.


Webinar is an affordable business solution to digitize conferences while providing high visibility and accessibility to the audience. This powerful marketing tool can be used in all types of industries and has proven its value to different companies that are looking for better ways to share their opinion with the public, better educate employees and prospects clients, demonstrate their expertise, more effectively reach their target audience, reinforce their positioning and way more.


If you believe that webinars are just online seminars, you are wrong! In fact, webinars offer the opportunity for companies to directly interact with their target audience. There is an actual exchange between speakers and listeners, who can directly ask questions about the content using an instant chat.

This new communication form is getting more popular everyday and can become a powerful marketing tool for your business. Not convinced yet? Here are 5 good reasons why you should introduce webinars into your communication strategy and the benefits you could gain from it.


1. Save time and money using webinars

We are all aware that conferences and seminars are very expensive and can be very complicated to successfully put in place. The webinar is an effective solution to cut of many expenses such as travel cost, restaurants, hotels and other planning fees. Participants from all around the globe can attend the event directly from their office or even directly from the comfort of their living room.


2. Webinar = Unlimited Audience

Whether your webinar is for internal purposes, such as employee training, operations review, product launch, general announcement or for external purposes like creating a stronger connection with customers, demonstrating your expertise and the quality of your products. Webinars deliver your content instantaneously to a broader audience and also offer a broader visibility.


3. Webinar and statistics

The webinars statistics reports give you accurate information such as: attendance rate, number of participants registered, the time participants spend watching the webinar and their interest in a particular product or service. Without forgetting that it is possible to directly interact with your target audience and answers questions. These variables allow you to calculate the return on your investment (ROI). Setting up a webinar can seem very expensive at first, but considering the new leads, new customers and the profit generated by the webinar. The ROI ratio proves that webinars are in fact beneficial for your business.


4. Webinars stay on internet and can be consulted any time

That’s right! A record of the webinar will continue to be available on the internet. You can publish your event on the company’s website, share it on video platform or even provide an option for your prospect participants to request it through an online form. A webinar is an infallible solution to control the uniformity of the content shared throughout your different communication strategies.


5. Get a better SEO using webinars

Did you know that google receives approximately 3.3 billions of searches daily? 94% of users will click on a link located in the first results page and less than 6% will actually take a look at the second page. These statistics prove how important it is to optimize your company’s website in order to reach a good positioning from search engine optimization spiderbots, who are scanning the internet in order to select and display the most relevant content for every single searches. Webinars are definitely a great way to increase traffic on your company’s website.


Now that we agree how beneficial webinars can be for your business, it is important to know that it is strongly recommended to do business with professionals in the field such as PQM.net to set up your webinar. Using professional equipment, they are going to control and insure the quality of the video and audio but their qualified team will also help you organize, manage, invite participants and insure a great participation rate.