Ask these five WH questions before organizing a webinar. [quick read]


Dive into the preparation of your online event with confidence and ensure you have a solid foundation by asking these 5 essential questions.

Before organizing a webinar, take a moment to reflect on these essential aspects. Although they may seem simple, these questions form the foundation of your planning strategy.

They will guide you in shaping the framework of your event, ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Get ready for a successful online experience by asking these crucial questions and building a strong foundation for your upcoming event.


Organizing a webinar with five WH-questions


When organizing a webinar, it is crucial to properly introduce the speakers who will be presenting at the event. Make sure they are experts in their field and have relevant experience to share with your target audience.

To add credibility to their insights, include a brief biography of each speaker in the webinar promotion.

By clearly specifying who will be participating in the event, you increase the chances of attracting an interested and reliable audience.


Highlight the webinar content and clearly explain the topics that will be covered.

Emphasize the benefits and key information that participants will gain.


"Explore the recent medical advancements in cancer treatment at our dedicated webinar for specialist doctors."

"Enhance your leadership and management skills at our webinar focused on continuous education. Gain tangible benefits by strengthening your leadership skills and applying them in your professional environment for greater success."



Clearly indicate how participants can access your webinar. Provide detailed instructions on the platform or link to be used.

Examples :

"To access our webinar, please visit our official website at and click on the registration link provided. You will then receive all the necessary information via email to join the live session."

"Access our dedicated online webinar platform using your username and password. There, you will find a dedicated space to interact with other participants and access shared resources during the session."

"To join our webinar, simply scan the QR code provided in the invitation email. This will redirect you to the webinar platform where you can participate live and ask questions to the speakers."

"Follow these simple steps to access our webinar: visit our website, create a free account, and navigate to the event page. There, you will find a unique link to join the live session on the day of the event."



Display the precise date and time of the webinar. Ensure that this information is clearly visible so that participants can plan their schedules accordingly.


Highlight the benefits and added value that your webinars offer to participants. Explain how your event can help them achieve their goals or solve their problems.

Examples :

"Our webinars offer tangible benefits! Join us to discover practical strategies and proven tips that will help you grow your business, increase your sales, and achieve your growth goals."

"Don't miss the opportunity to participate in our enriching webinars! You will learn expert advice, practical tools, and exclusive resources to improve your productivity, optimize your time management, and achieve a better work-life balance."

"Our webinar is designed to solve your problems! Join us and learn how to overcome common challenges in your industry, through proven solutions, inspiring case studies, and practical advice shared by our experienced experts."


Who, What, Where, When, Why

Five simple little interrogative words, but knowing how to answer them is crucial.

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